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Foggy Forest



House of Light is the physical place that hosts us: Natalie Zannettou, teaching Mindfulness and doing Life Coaching and LIfe Healing and also Maria Markidou, who is a healer working with reflexology, acupressure, meridian healing and Ama-Deus energy healing. More importantly though, it is a dream. A dream of a much larger healing center addressing and healing emotional and physical pain and suffering. It is a dream of bringing together a much wider spectrum of healers offering people a complete, holistic healing and emanating light for the world.

House of light is currently located an Armenias st. 41, in Strovolos, Nicosia, Cyprus 2003. view map




Maria Markidou

Acupressure, Reflexology, Meridian Therapies, Ama-Deus Energy Healing. About Maria


Avyie Savvidou

Journalist, Author, Life and Business Coach, Motivational Speaker and

Peak PerformanceTrainer. About Avyie

Avyie Savvidou is the co-author along with Natalie Zannettou currently

working on the Mindful Parenting Books.

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