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Natalie Zannettou is the founder of Mindfulness for Life. She founded this organization inside her commitment for people, and particularly kids to find true freedom. It is her belief that true freedom comes from deep self-awareness and understanding of what influences our being-ness, our actions and thus the way we live our life. 

Since Natalie was 5 years old she was looking for ways to ‘save the world’, make a difference. Her initial loves growing up were the arts, the environment, sciences and philosophy, including ontology, existentialism, cosmology, metaphysics and the healing arts.


Arriving at the age of college years she was torn as to which path to follow. Architecture covered the arts and sciences as well as her love for the environment and an access to connecting to it via thresholds and build environments that both interact with, invite it in and respect it.


Later on, while a practicing architect, she discovered Landmark, an international personal and professional growth, training and development company, responsible for empowering individuals, companies and also responsible for many non- profit projects around the world. She fell in love with this ontological education and the difference it makes, completed the curriculum and became a trained Landmark Seminar Leader leading Self- Empowerment, Communication and Leadership Seminars both in Cyprus and the UK and Webinars offered in more than 20 locations around Europe, Russia and Turkey. She was also the source person and accountable for Landmark’s programs being available in Cyprus for 6 years.


Being a mother and sensitive to the problems parents face nowadays raising their kids in the current socio-economic as well as psychological and emotional demands of our era, she chose to train herself and then be trained with Mindful Schools in the Mindful Schools K-5 Curriculum for ages 5 to 12 and the Middle and High School Curriculum for ages 12-18 as an access to making a difference with kids and teens. She went on to complete several other courses, training in Positive Psychology, CBT, NLP as well as on Neuroscience, and after request from her students, she combined her ontological education and her Mindfulness  and other Training and created her own programs for kids and adults, as well as seminars for individuals and business. 

Her programs and seminars are created for people to discover their true state of light, genius, and creative being-ness and empower people to live a life of freedom. Her moto is that every single human being – no one left out - deserves to live life powerfully, be free and live lives they love!

Natalie is currently working with several schools in Cyprus (Junior, Senior School, Falcon and English School) training children, adolescents and teachers in Mindfulness. She is also leading Mindfulness Seminars for organizations like the Bank of Cyprus and MPM Group.


Natalie is also involved in charity work, and is the creator of  ‘We’ a cycle of seminars devoted to presencing Love where all profits are donated to non-profit organizations.




Date-  Educational Center

Qualification/ Training

2019  -  Kopan Monastery

Course on Meditation

2019  -  Noah Merriby

Neuroplasticity/ Neuroscience Course

2018  -  Palouse Mindfulness Organization

MBSR Course Certificate

2018  -  Tushita Meditation Buddhist Philosophy Center

Course on Meditation

2018  -  Mindful Schools Organization

Mindful Communication Course Certificate


2018  -  Braco Pobric Positive Psychology Instructor
Course on Mindful Parenting: Helping Teenagers Succeed in Life


2018  -  Kain Ramsey NLP, CBT & Modern Applied Certification Course
NLP Master Practitioner Psychology Instructor (Expert Level)

2017  -  Mindful Schools Organization

Course: Mindfulness of Difficult Emotions Course Certificate


2017  -  Kain Ramsey NLP, CBT & Modern Applied Certification
NLP Practitioner Psychology Instructor (Beginner to Advanced)

2017  -  Kain Ramsey NLP, CBT & Modern Applied Certification Course
Mindfulness Practitioner Psychology Instructor (Level 1, 2, 3 & Master)

2017  -  Elmira Strange Motivational Psychologist Instructor

Children Psychology Certificate (Advanced Level)


2017  -  Elmira Strange Motivational Psychologist Instructor
Counseling Children and Adolescence Certificate


2017  -  Braco Pobric Positive Psychology Instructor
Course: Mindful Parenting Positive Psychology and Happy Children


2017  -  Pema Chodrom Tibetan Buddhist monk Sounds True instructor
Freedom to choose something different Course 1 and Course 2


2011-2016  -  Landmark Education Seminar Leader London, UK

Leadership Training & Communication Programs


2016  -  Mindful Schools Organization

Mindfulness of Emotions Course Certificate


2013  -  Mindful Schools Organization

Trained in the Mindful Schools K-5 and Middle and High School Curriculum

2013  -  Mindful Schools Organization

Trained in Mindfulness Fundamentals


2009-2016  -  Landmark Education Seminar Leader Training Boston, US – London, UK

Leadership Training & Communication Programs Leader


2007-2009  -  Landmark Education Boston

Training, Development & Leadership Programs

2004  -  Puskar, India

Reiki 1&2

2003-2004  -  Cambridge University, UK

MPhil Master of Philosophy

1997-2002  -  Rhode Island School of Design, Providence R.I., USA

B.Arch Bachelor Architecture


1997-2001  -  Rhode Island School of Design, Providence R.I., USA

B.F.A Bachelor Fine Arts

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