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Our Projects

Mindfulness for Life together with other organizations has created and is in the process of creating certain projects. Two of them for now have been funded by Erasmus. Our projects vary in that one of them is an app/ informational game that helps people transform their underlying fears and the other is a platform to teach youth and adults mindful non-violent communication. We hope you visit them , download them and use them often! Enjoy and thank you :) 


MindLand Brain Logo.png

Mindland game/ app

MINDLAND's aim is to create a digital intervention focused on self awareness, which will provide mindfulness training to youth through serious games, activities and prompts. This informational game is designed so that through a very thorough process it can help people who are dealing with anxiety transform their underlying fears.


Click on the image on the left to use MINDLAND.

If you open it while using this link simply click play. You do not need to download it. If you want to have it on your android then search for it on Google play and download it.

This project is funded by ERASMUS.



The aim of ECHO is to design and implement an effective digital intervention in the form of an online platform that focusses on teaching non-violent communication skills to adults from all walks of life via interactive games. Click on the image on the right at access our ECHO platform.

This project is funded by ERASMUS.

Tiny Feet



To be announced



To be announced

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