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What this Webinar Will Offer You:  


  • It will assist you in nurturing self-compassion and empathy even during emotionally charged moments

  • It will teach you a new mindful way of communicating with your children

  • It will teach you loving ways to set healthy limits for your children and for yourself

  • It will empower you to teach your children to deal powerfully with bullying

  • It will teach you to assist your children in not taking things personally

  • It will foster gratitude and appreciation in you and your children

  • It will help you acknowledge and transform your automatic ways of parenting

As parents we have a responsibility towards our children. It is important to have a basic awareness of ourselves, what triggers us, what drives us and be able to manage and regulate our emotions, so that not only we can create a loving environment for our children, but also to be able to teach them how to deal with their own difficult emotions without causing more harm towards themselves and others in doing so. Feelings are our compass and when we do not teach ourselves first and our children how to listen to them and to discern between their authentic and their in-authentic feelings, they can easily grow up not knowing what is important to them or where they really want to go in life. 

Children, similar to us have fears and often do not feel comfortable expressing them. If we do not know how to manage our fears, how to uncover them so that we are not run by them, then how can we help them in doing so?

Stress, the biggest problem of our times and the cause of most diseases is stemming from underlying fears. We mostly do not even know what we are afraid of and how it affects us. Uncovering and addressing our fears, knowing how to overcome them is crucial to living peaceful lives and to being able to have our decisions and life choices driven by love, instead of fear leading us to happy and truly fulfilling lives.

This course promises to deliver on all the above and more.



DATES AND COURSE SESSION BY SESSION - all sessions take place 9:15 -10:30 pm Athens time

Session 1: Basic Rules and exercises of Mindful Parenting/ Why mindfulness is a gift for parenting - Sept 18th & 25th

Session 2: Developmental Stages of Children - Oct 2nd

Session 3: How to deal with your children's upsets using Mindfulness - Oct 9th

Session 4: The importance of validating our children's feelings (MET) - Oct 16th

Session 5: Being Mindful of the context from which to set limits with your children - Oct 23rd

Session 6: Dealing with misbehavior/ Consequences and Acknowledgment Vs. Punishment and Bribe - Nov 6th
Session 7: Fostering Gratitude and Appreciation - Nov 13th

Session 8: Distinguishing how we unknowingly diminish our children's self-concept - Nov 20th

Session 9: Mindful Time/ Bonding Time - Nov 27th

Session 10: Empowering our children to deal powerfully with bullying/ Building Self-Resilience - Dec 4th
Session 11: Empowering our children's self-concept vs teaching them obedience - Dec 11th

What People say about this Course

"Brilliant, life altering course. Enjoyed every session and found such insight in Natalie's techniques and knowledge. Fantastic journey xx"

- A. M

"I have known Natalie for a long time now and so I knew without a doubt that taking part in her Mindful Parenting Webinar would be amazing. Her passion and content has already provided me with breakthroughs and a shift in my perception of parenting on a deeper level. A deeper sense of calmness and certainty has come over me when I am interacting with my beautiful daughter, who is seven. It has empowered me as a mother and also as an educator of young people. I would like to thank her for making this available to everyone."

- O. Mehmet-Radji 

"My son was actually bullied in elementary school by a specific kid over and over. I was really desperate, I didn’t know how to handle it and get him to understand that it’s not his fault and he should make meanings and most probably the kid that was bullying him was the one suffering etc etc. It’s really easier to make an adult to understand and not to take bullying personal but it’s a whole other level of training to get a child to understand that!Thank you Natalie for making this happen ! I don’t know how else I could have saved my son from this very common yet detrimental situation."

- D. E

"After every Mindful Parenting session I feel full of positive energy and the power to deal with the everyday challenges of family life. Even though I have not  yet participated in many sessions with Natalie, I am already noticing how this is changing me for the better. I begun to be more aware of my thoughts and how they affect me, be more aware of my emotions and my behavior and this is helping me better understand both my self and my children and thus to better communicate with them. I have more peace of mind and this affects everyone at home. Through the sessions, I am learning, together with my children, to pause, to be mindful of and be grateful for the small everyday joys of life! We thank you Natalie."

- R. N

About Natalie

Natalie Zannettou is the founder of Mindfulness for Life. She founded this organization inside her commitment for people, and particularly kids to find true freedom. It is her belief that true freedom comes from deep self-awareness and understanding of what influences our being-ness, our actions and thus the way we live our life. 

"My dream is that we all understand our human design and nature and use this knowledge to build strong relationships, transcend personal limitations and raise free and emotionally mature and intelligent children. Understanding who we are, why we act the way we act, why we get angry when we do, why we are suffering and how to break free is key to our own happiness, success and peace of mind, but also to our children's happiness, success and inner peace. Loving them is not enough, knowing how to lovingly nurture a powerful self-concept will make all the difference."

To find out more about Natalie click here.

Register now!

To register and have access to the live course and our online platform for life, click the link below:

How do our Webinars work?

The program we use for our webinars is Zoom. It takes two minutes to download and once it is on your computer, phone or tablet the only thing you have to do to get in the Webinar is click on the link I will be sending the day before the Webinar. The webinars run over a series of sessions. Each session is approximately an hour and a half. You will have to log in 10 min in advance so that we can begin on time. We may run a bit after the end time. Our programs require spontaneity and following the participants' needs, so if there is an important discussion I will probably choose to complete it and run overtime. After each session you can email me questions on the material we covered. We will be sending you a video recording with the answers. 

In case you miss a session, I will be uploading the recording of the session on the webinar's page on the website the following day and it will be available for you to watch for two weeks. It is important that you listen to the recording, go over the session's handout and listen to the questions and answers so that you can catch up with the work that you missed, prior to our next session. I will also be posting there all the relevant mindful exercises for your practice, and others that you can practice with your children. Finally, I will be posting other relevant content on our webinar's web page weekly. You will have access to that for the entire duration of the webinar and after. To support the participants and create room for discussing the work we will be doing and our breakthroughs, there will be a chat room that you can choose to participate in or not. ​​

Free Gift

As a free gift we will send you via email a handout of each session of the Webinar so that you can revisit at any time what we covered in this course. This way if you are dealing with anything as a parent in the future you can return to the distinctions of this course and the practices we will cover and use them for the rest of your life!

Another Free Gift

You will also gain access to our online platform where all the videos of Natalie answering questions on different parenting issues are. When you participate in one of our parenting webinars you can email or post questions on the discussion forum and Natalie will post a video answering them. Many of these videos are already on the platform giving you access to valuable coaching on how to mindfully deal with different challenging parenting situations. Here are some samples of the videos that you will have access to:

Ted X Talk By Natalie Zannettou


And Another Free Gift

Moreover, you will also gain access to videos and audio files of Natalie guiding you on how to practice fundamental mindfulness exercises at your own time and videos on how to introduce different mindfulness exercises to your kids. These exercises are designed to make it fun for children to practice mindfulness and to self-sooth.

Register now!

To register and have access to the live course and our online platform for life, click the link below:


If you are still not sure about the importance of participating in such a course come and join us for free for the first session of this mindful parenting webinar series. In joining you will get something that will positively affect your relationship with yourself and your children. You will also get a sense of the kind of work we do and how this work can positively affect yourself and your family and how it can give you mastery in dealing with any difficult situation that may arise in your child's life.

There are two opportunities or you to attend this first session of this Webinar series: September 18th and 25th 9:15-10:30 pm Athens time. To join this first free session click on the button below and choose which of the two dates you will attend.

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