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Avyie Savvidou

Journalist, Author, Life and Business Coach,

Motivational Speaker and Peak Performance Trainer.

Avyie Savvidou is the co-author along with Natalie Zannettou 

currently working on the Mindful Parenting Books.

Avyie Savvidou is a business consultant, a professional performance advisor, a communications expert and a CyHRDA certified trainer.


She works with companies as a Corporate Culture consultant and a Peak Performance trainer. An expert in achieving professional success, she also works with individuals who are looking to up their game or pursue a new career path.


Currently a managing partner at Apriori Management Training Ltd, Avyie has worked in a career that spans over 25 years, as an Editor-in-Chief of lifestyle magazines and a Food & Travel Editor for SPP Media, where she also acted as a New Business director. She was Head of Student Affairs at the University of Nicosia, Corporate Communications Manager at Nielsen and a Production Executive at Logos TV.


She is a Content/Speaker's Coach for Tedx and conference speakers and a Career Performance Coach. She holds a Bachelor Degree in Political Sciences & International Studies from Marymount Manhattan College in New York and an MBA in Management from Maastricht School of Management.


She is a blogger at and a published author. She is currently co-authoring a Mindfulness Parenting trilogy with Natalie Zannettou. 

To contact Avyie, call 99.520801

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