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Happy Little Girl


What This Course will Offer You:


  • Mindfully looking at our patterns of behavior: what works and what doesn't.  

  • Dealing with difficult emotions

  • The impact and how to transform harmful automatic ways of being.  

  • Discovering beliefs and shoulds that we have and perhaps impose on our children.  

  • Looking at subtle unintended ways we may be damaging our children's relationship and trust with themselves.  

  • Building lasting love and connection with our kids as they grow up.  

  • How to empower our children to take responsibility for their behavior and their life vs. demanding that they do thus causing distance and compromised listening between us.

For more information and or to join the OPEN trial session, please call Natalie at 99.488091 or express interest below. There are weekly sessions both in the mornings and in the evenings.

Monday mornings 10:30-11:30 am in English and Tuesday evenings 8:30-9:30 pm in Greek.

For the dates and times of all our classes for kids, parents and adults please see our calendar.


The sessions do not have to be done in order, so it is not important that you start with session 1. These classes go in cycles. They complete and then start again.

Session 1: Introduction to Mindful Parenting and Why Mindful Parenting
Session 2: Our automatic parenting, the impact and how to transform it
Session 3: Developmental Stages of Children
Session 4: Love as a presence
Session 5: Dealing with Upsets using Mindfulness
Session 6: Heal your inner Child and Find the parent you truly want to be
Session 7: Authentic Vs. Inauthentic Emotions
Session 8: Learning to use the power of emotions
Session 9: Dealing with Anger using Mindfulness
Session 10: Types of Emotional Regulation
Session 11: Context is the Key
Session 12: Dealing with Misbehavior/ Consequences and Reward vs. Punishment and Bribe
Session 13: Dealing with Failure using Mindfulness
Session 14: Nurturing Gratitude
Session 15: Dealing with our own Shame and its impact
Session 16: Transforming Shaming
Session 17: Dealing with our own Guilt and its impact
Session 18: Re-contextualizing Guilt
Session 19: How we unknowingly diminish our children’s Self-Concept
Session 20: Mindful Time/ Bonding time
Session 21: Mindful Communication Part A
Session 22: Mindful Communication Part B
Session 23: Transforming Complaints
Session 24: Uncovering our hidden Listening and hooks
Session 25: Addiction to being Right/ Practicing Letting go
Session 26: Being Mindful of how we speak
Session 27: Being Mindful of your children’s choice of language
Session 28: Self-resilience/ Dealing with Bullying
Session 29: Teaching Responsibility
Session 30: Dealing with Fear/Anxiety/Worry using Mindfulness
Session 31: Growth Mindset
Session 32: Releasing our children to find their way
Session 33: Moving Attention from Ego to World

What People say about this Course

"Brilliant, life altering course. Enjoyed every session and found such insight in Natalie's techniques and knowledge. Fantastic journey xx"

- A. M

"I have known Natalie for a long time now and so I knew without a doubt that taking part in her Mindful Parenting Webinar would be amazing. Her passion and content has already provided me with breakthroughs and a shift in my perception of parenting on a deeper level. A deeper sense of calmness and certainty has come over me when I am interacting with my beautiful daughter, who is seven. It has empowered me as a mother and also as an educator of young people. I would like to thank her for making this available to everyone."

- O. Mehmet-Radji 

"My son was actually bullied in elementary school by a specific kid over and over. I was really desperate, I didn’t know how to handle it and get him to understand that it’s not his fault and he should make meanings and most probably the kid that was bullying him was the one suffering etc etc. It’s really easier to make an adult to understand and not to take bullying personal but it’s a whole other level of training to get a child to understand that!Thank you Natalie for making this happen ! I don’t know how else I could have saved my son from this very common yet detrimental situation."

- D. E

"After every Mindful Parenting session I feel full of positive energy and the power to deal with the everyday challenges of family life. Even though I have not  yet participated in many sessions with Natalie, I am already noticing how this is changing me for the better. I begun to be more aware of my thoughts and how they affect me, be more aware of my emotions and my behavior and this is helping me better understand both my self and my children and thus to better communicate with them. I have more peace of mind and this affects everyone at home. Through the sessions, I am learning, together with my children, to pause, to be mindful of and be grateful for the small everyday joys of life! We thank you Natalie."

- R. N

About Natalie

Natalie Zannettou is the founder of Mindfulness for Life. She founded this organization inside her commitment for people, and particularly kids to find true freedom. It is her belief that true freedom comes from deep self-awareness and understanding of what influences our being-ness, our actions and thus the way we live our life.

To find out more about Natalie click here.

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