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Meditation Class


NOV 25TH 7:30-10:00PM CET

What this Webinar Will Offer You:  


  • You will get a clear sense of what Mindfulness is and why it is so important to practice in our daily lives 

  • You will get a sense of the power you have as a human being and the beauty of creation

  • You will begin to take responsibility for how your life is and see a way to transform it

  • You will understand what thinking is and the power it has to create our physical reality 

  • You will see the possibility of creating your life

 “Thinking means to know what thought is.”

Dr. Stylianos Atteshlis

Similar to any process in life, if we are to actually learn anything beyond what our body automatically does for us, we need to express interest in it. And this is what mindfulness is, interest in Mind and when we say Mind we do not mean brain. We mean the nature of Mind, the nature of intelligence. The source of who we are, or one might even say who we actually are.


Mindfulness of thinking starts with an interest in what is thinking and with observing thought. If you observe yourself in everyday life you will discover that you have thoughts you don’t want to have, so why do you have them? If whatever you call ‘you,’ does not want to have them, how come you do not have a say? Why can’t you have a say about what you think? Did you ever think about this? Is it not strange that on one hand you identify with these thoughts and even obey them, and on the other hand you have no say on their nature or on stopping and controlling them?

What People say about this Course

"A real life changer. I was undergoing an internal mental struggle coping with the stresses of everyday life and the feeling of self doubt was shadowing me. While still work in progress, Natalie has really helped me be more mindful and calm. Being more mind focused in stressful situations I am now able to distinguish what is important and have a clearer mind. Thank you so much, for everything you do for me and my whole family."

- M. P

"The mindfulness course offered me a safe space for me to identify my thoughts and feelings in an unprecedented way! Every session gets me a step closer to living my life responsibly and with commitment. I can now pay attention to the unhealthy beliefs I developed growing up. By being mindful and able to dismantle my automatic reactions I get to be the one who creates who I want to be in life and not the circumstances... ❤"

- M. K

"Doing mindfulness with Natalie has helped me me realize different ways of being with myself and others .i have discovered the joy of taking responsibility for everything that happens to me and as a result I now know that the possibility of peace and freedom is available"

- D. A

"Mindfulness has changed my life in many different ways on a positive note. I have benefited from the course and from Natalie’s deep commitment to mindfulness itself and her students. What Natalie has equipped us with goes way beyond the ordinary courses and it comes from her own personal experiences, resources and insight. Her knowledge and understanding of mindfulness, together with her enthusiasm, dedication and concern for each person individually is admirable. She magically knows exactly what’s the issue and she always has the best guidance on how to go about and solve it. I have taken valuable tools from her teachings and practice and thanks to her I feel better able to handle everyday stress and difficulties, being more mindful of little things and being able to notice the happy moments. Mindfulness is the best gift we can give to ourselves and Natalie makes it even more worthwhile."     


- V. C

About Natalie

Natalie Zannettou is the founder of Mindfulness for Life. She founded this organization inside her commitment for people, and particularly kids to find true freedom. It is her belief that true freedom comes from deep self-awareness and understanding of what influences our being-ness, our actions and thus the way we live our life.

To find out more about Natalie click here.

How does it work?

The program we use for our webinars is Zoom. It takes two minutes to download and once it is on your computer, phone or tablet the only thing you have to do to get in the Webinar is click on the link I will be sending the day before the Webinar. The webinars run over a series of sessions. Each session is approximately an hour and a half. You will have to log in 10 min in advance so that we can begin on time. We may run a bit after the end time. Our programs require spontaneity and following the participants' needs, so if there is an important discussion I will probably choose to complete it and run overtime. After each session you can email me questions on the material we covered. We will be sending you a video recording with the answers. 

In case you miss a session, I will be uploading the recording of the session on the webinar's page on the website the following day and it will be available for you to watch until the next session. It is important that you listen to the recording, go over the session's handout and listen to the questions and answers so that you can catch up with the work that you missed, prior to our next session. I will also be posting there all the relevant mindful exercises for your practice, and others that you can practice with your children. Finally I will be posting other relevant content on our webinar's web page weekly. You will have access to that for the entire duration of the webinar and after. To support the participants and create room for discussing the work we will be doing and our breakthroughs, there will be a chat room that you can choose to participate in or not. ​

Free Gift

As a free gift we will send you via email a handout of each session of the Webinar so that you can revisit at any time what we covered in this course. This course will inspire you and impact you and your family in a profound way!

Register now!

We are offering this course with the option of selecting how much you want to pay. No matter how much you pay, you'll be getting the same course as everybody else. We simply trust that people are honest and will support the author of the course with whatever they can afford. And if you are not 100% satisfied, we will refund your money.

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