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Pregnancy Yoga


 What this seminars are about:


These seminars can be done in order or independently. These seminars are for training parents in mindful exercises to do with their children and also for training parents to be mindful of their unconscious reactions towards their children. In Mindful Parenting Seminar Part I, we will look at mindful parenting fundamentals and get trained in new mindful ways of communicating with our children nurturing closeness Vs. distance. You will also get trained in practicing in a fun way, with your children, the mindful fundamental exercises. In part II, we will distinguish and address the automatic unhealthy ways we have in dealing with our children and we will learn other fun ways of practicing mindfulness meditation with them. Finally, in Part III we will get trained in teaching our children not to take things personally and powerfully deal with bullying. We will also learn some visualization techniques to complement some mindfulness meditation exercises that we can do with our children.

These Seminars are not open for registration right now. For dates and getting notified about when these seminars will take place email us and write down the title of the seminars.


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