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 What this seminar is about:


This 1-day seminar trains participants in mindful non-violent communication. How successful we are in life has everything to do with how we communicate and how we create team and alignment

During this seminar we will look at the main communication challenges at the work environment and train people on how to communicate from the distinctions of mindful non-violent communication. In this seminar we will distinguish unhealthy automatic ways of communicating and through understanding the dynamics of ego-based communication that can leave others dis-empowered, small and/ or offended, we will create a new way of communicating that nurtures connection, understanding and trust. This course is essential for all disciplines, positions and is for people from all walks of life.

This Seminar is available for companies upon request. It's a 6 hour seminar with 3 breaks. Two 20 min breaks and one 5-10 min break. If you are interested in this seminar please email us or call 99.488091


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