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AGES 13-18

TEENS are dealing with becoming their own person, belonging, and for the first time taking responsibility and making decisions that impact their future. Our school education as comprehensive and studious as it may be does not always provide for that which would give kids what they need to powerfully deal with such an important transition in their lives. 

Our classes are primarily geared towards practicing self-awareness, emotional intelligence, emotional regulation, finding balance and building self-esteem, such that the kids leave empowered and confident in dealing with their lives and making important decisions that honor who they are.

Teenage years are demanding years due to stress from school, exams, pier pressure and also figuring our who we are and what our role is. Mindfulness can be a life giving gift in such a major threshold into healthy adulthood.

For more information and or to register please call Natalie at 99.488091 or book online. For the dates and times of each class please see our calendar.


Session 1: Introduction/ The Mindful Mind

Session 2: Mindful Thinking

Session 3: Mindful Eating

Session 4: Being mindful of our Unhealthy Beliefs

Session 5: Being Mindful of Judgment/ Judging

Session 6: Mindful Walking/ Observation vs Judgment

Session 7: Where we are in our life/ Choosing what influences us

Session 8: Being in the Present Moment/ Body Scan

Session 9: How our Personality gets formed
Session 10: Response vs Reaction/ Transcending our Automatic Patterns of Behavior - Part A
Session 11: Response vs Reaction/ Transcending our Automatic Patterns of Behavior - Part B

Session 12: We are designed for Happiness

Session 13: Discovering the beliefs that influence us
Session 14: Discovering the power of words
Session 15: Transforming complaints

Session 16: Mindfulness in Conversation
Session 17: Letting things go
Session 18: Creating Positive brain patterns/ RAS exercise - Part 1

Session 19: Creating Positive brain patterns/ RAS exercise - Part 2
Session 20: Gratitude and Appreciation
Session 21: Healing the past
Session 22: Complete Brain Patter work - Wonder
Session 23: Being Integral and Aligned
Session 24: Mindfulness of Emotions/ Turning Towards

Session 25: Authentic vs In-authentic Emotions

Session 26: Types of Emotional Regulation

Session 27: Dismantling Emotional Experiences/ Guilt

Session 28: Being Mindful of Fear/ Anxiety/ Uncertainty

Session 29: Transforming Fear

Session 30: Being Mindful and transforming Anger
Session 31: Being mindful and transforming our relationships to failure
Session 32: Self-Criticism, Vulnerability and Self-Compassion
Session 33: Nurturing our Relationship to Self/ Creating a new context for failure and success
Session 34: Nurturing Self Compassion and Love
Session 35: "I"/ "ME - The Concept of Self
Session 36: Who am I? 

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