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Meditation Class


What this course Offers:


In this 8 week class you will learn skills that can increase your ability to:

  • Manage stress, pain, and the challenges of everyday life

  • Deal with difficult events and emotions with grace and composure

  • Find the beauty and the peace in the present moment

While Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction is not meant to replace medical treatments, research indicates that mindfulness exercises can have a significant therapeutic effect for people experiencing stress, anxiety, high blood pressure, depression, chronic pain, migraines, heart conditions, diabetes and other ailments. In addition, people who have participated in our courses typically report feeling more alive, more "in-tune" with themselves, their lives and others.

For more information and or to register please call Natalie at 99.488091 or book online. For the dates and times of each class please see our calendar.


Session 1: Why Mindfulness, Body Scan and Mindful Eating

Session 2: Mindful Body & How to meditate, Mindful Breathing, Mindful Listening, and Bring Present Meditation

Session 3: Body and Mind Relationship, Mindful Yoga  1, Mindful Thinking meditations

Session 4: Understanding Stress, Responding vs. Reacting, Mindful Yoga 2 and Pause, allow sooth meditation

Session 5: Dealing with difficult Emotions and Pain, Radical Acceptance, Turning towards difficult emotions and turning towards pain meditations.

Session 6: Mindful Communication. Empathetic Listening, Mountain and Lake meditations

Session 7: Self-awareness and compassion, Loving Kindness meditation

Session 8: Developing an ongoing daily practice, Gratefulness, Gratitude meditation

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