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Balancing Stones


Mindfulness for Life Organization was founded by Natalie Zannettou inside a commitment for people, and particularly kids to find true freedom. It is our belief that true freedom comes from a deep self-awareness and understanding of what influences our being-ness, our actions and thus the way we live our life. 

Mindfulness and Self-Awareness allow us to see how our internal conversation - one that is NOT consciously developed and IS running constantly and automatically in everyone - affects and guides our emotions and actions moment by moment. When we become aware and familiar with this conversation and understand its underlying concerns and needs, we can begin to transform it and recreate it consciously.

True freedom comes from awareness of who we really are and the true power we possess as human beings. We are miracles and made of the same creative energy that exists in all of life, and therefore when we return to our true state of light, we can live life free from suffering. 

Mindfulness for Life Organization is created for people to discover their true state of light, genius, and creative being-ness and empower people to live a life of freedom.

Starting September 2019, all our programs designed for people working with kids are free for educators and professionals working with kids. Also all our programs designed for kids and teens are free for orphans or kids that for any reason are under the care of an institution instead of their parents. 

Finally, part of our profits go to adopting kids from all over the world. Help us in our cause to empower humanity to reach its true light! This is a new goal and commitment. We will be updating you yearly based on our profits how many children we have managed to adopt and thus give a chance to for a better future!

Some of the organizations we support are Unicef and Save the Children. Click below for more information:

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