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What this Webinar Will Offer You:  


  • Getting to know ours and our children's needs and sensitivities

  • Learning how to mindfully deal with difficult emotions without creating distance

  • Learning basic mindfulness exercises to practice and teach our children

  • Transforming how we deal with anger

  • Learn to distinguish red flags (signs that there is something to be addressed with our children)

We love our children and we want what is best for them, so sometimes we try to fix their behavior by pointing to what is wrong with them or their behavior vs. guide them and take responsibility for that we simply have not yet trained them in dealing with what they need to deal with. Say they take too long to do their homework, or they don't want to stop playing or they say something inappropriate or they get into a fight at school or they eat too much junk etc, we simply have not trained them to do otherwise. If we stop pointing to and yelling them about what they did wrong and instead guide them in a loving way towards them behavior we want to teach them, we WILL finally get through to them. Our kids are our most generous audience. No one else would oblige with us always telling them what to do and how to do it, but even the most generous will not respond well to constant wrong making. If we keep making them wrong, at some point kids will either obey from fear of loosing our love or start to rebel. If they obey from fear, come teenage years, they will rebel. The key is to have them join your commitments because they understand that what we are asking them to do is coming from love and that gets through to them only if we talk to them from a space of connection and love and that takes training and knowing our own limitations as parents. 

If you want to become the parent that has the training to guide your children to powerfully deal with whatever life throws at them then this course is for you and I look forward to being with you in this life altering journey.

What People say about our Mindful Parenting Webinars

"Mindfulness for kids really changed my kids' life in a positive way. They learned how to cope with school related stress both academic and social, tools that I am certain they will curry along in the future. I also participated in some of the courses she led, and Natalie as a coach is phenomenal, really intuitive and perceptive. She really cares and she manages to connect with everyone in order to bring results. Great Job! Thank you!"

- P. Z

"The more work I do on this area, I can see how vital it is that parents or caregivers even teachers must work on themselves and their inner child. Learning about what we have been discussing in the sessions here with Natalie, I can also see how as a child my feelings were not always validated or acknowledged, my behavior was not always given space to be, and the impact that had on my life. Especially our attachment styles. So in a way it has been a great way to develop skills in mindful parenting and also healing the inner child in us. Have enjoyed every session and am grateful for you Natalie."

- Ozlem R.

"I just wanted to say how grateful I am for the Mindful Parenting Fundamental's Webinar and all the work you have done. It's really changed my life in a lot of ways. I really wanted to say that I really appreciate everything you have done. I cannot thank you enough and I feel like I am better as a person, more connected to myself and my kids and just created a happier house for us. Hopefully I will be able to continue with other things you run at another time. Thank you so much"

- Oksan

"I have known Natalie for a long time now and so I knew without a doubt that taking part in her Mindful Parenting Webinar would be amazing. Her passion and content has already provided me with breakthroughs and a shift in my perception of parenting on a deeper level. A deeper sense of calmness and certainty has come over me when I am interacting with my beautiful daughter, who is seven. It has empowered me as a mother and also as an educator of young people. I would like to thank her for making this available to everyone."

- O. Mehmet-Radji 

"My son was actually bullied in elementary school by a specific kid over and over. I was really desperate, I didn’t know how to handle it and get him to understand that it’s not his fault and he should make meanings and most probably the kid that was bullying him was the one suffering etc etc. It’s really easier to make an adult to understand and not to take bullying personal but it’s a whole other level of training to get a child to understand that!Thank you Natalie for making this happen ! I don’t know how else I could have saved my son from this very common yet detrimental situation."

- D. E

"I was truly happy in my marriage and couldn’t wait to have my first child, but I felt hopeless and, well, incompetent in respects to raising a child. I Turned anxious in the mere thought of it. Then, I miraculously came across the mindfulness for kids and Life courses and I thought I would give mindful parenting a chance. I had no idea what it was. Little did I know then how much of a life changing experience this would turn into! Now, being a mum is a deeply fulfilling experience in its ups and downs; my friends come to me for advice and are constantly eager to learn our family discussions and adventures; and,  my child is considered a loving, peaceful and grounded three-year-old, which comes just as a surprise to me as to everyone else considering my earlier fears. I have now moved on to other courses with Natalie and I keep feeling the transformational effects of the work we do together every step of the way, feeling truly grateful I have met her!"

- Kika G.

About Natalie

Natalie Zannettou is the founder of Mindfulness for Life. She founded this organization inside her commitment for people, and particularly kids to find true freedom. It is her belief that true freedom comes from deep self-awareness and understanding of what influences our being-ness, our actions and thus the way we live our life. 

"My dream is that we all understand our human design and nature and use this knowledge to build strong relationships, transcend personal limitations and raise free and emotionally mature and intelligent children. Understanding who we are, why we act the way we act, why we get angry when we do, why we are suffering and how to break free is key to our own happiness, success and peace of mind, but also to our children's happiness, success and inner peace. Loving them is not enough, knowing how to lovingly nurture a powerful self-concept will make all the difference."

To find out more about Natalie click here.

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We are offering this course with the option of selecting how much you want to pay. No matter how much you pay, you'll be getting the same course as everybody else. We simply trust that people are honest and will support the author of the course with whatever they can afford. And if you are not 100% satisfied, we will refund your money.

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How do our Webinars work?

The program we use for our webinars is Zoom. It takes two minutes to download. Click here for the link to download Zoom. Once it is on your computer, phone or tablet the only thing you have to do to get in the Webinar is click on the link we will be sending the day before the Webinar.

Free Gift

As a free gift we will send you via email a handout with what we will cover in this Webinar so that you can revisit it at any time. We will also give you access to a library of videos of Natalie answering Mindful Parenting questions on how to deal with bullying, teens, how to use consequences instead of punishment and much more. Here are some samples of the videos that you will have access to:



Register now!

We are offering this course with the option of selecting how much you want to pay. No matter how much you pay, you'll be getting the same course as everybody else. We simply trust that people are honest and will support the author of the course with whatever they can afford. And if you are not 100% satisfied, we will refund your money.

How much do you want to pay?

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