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“Example isn't another way to teach, it is the only way to teach”

 - Albert Einstein

Under the umbrella of the Stelios Philanthropic Foundation Award we won last October, myself, Natalie Zannettou, and Bilge Azgin, are organizing a series of free online Webinars for Parents, Kids, Teens and Adults with the title: ‘Living and Speaking Peace Workshops’.

I have been involved with teaching mindfulness and Self-Awareness Classes, Seminars and Webinars for the last 13 years and Bilge has been teaching Political Reconciliation, Political Psychology and Non-Violent Communication for several years. We met while both being involved with and training with Landmark Education and since then begun a friendship. We decided to create these short seminars under this title of: Living and Speaking Peace, as this is our wish for this and for future generations. We both see mindfulness, self awareness and non-violent communication as the true pathway towards peace around the world.

the first part of these free webinars will be dedicated to mindfulness and self-awareness whereas the second will be dedicated to non-violent communication and the ontology of peace. We will also host a live closing event when the circumstances allows us to do so.

For the kids, teens adults and parenting mindfulness sessions we chose specific sessions on dealing with anger, learning to forgive and what forgiveness is, dealing with fears and inauthentic emotions as well as lessons on not taking things personally and regulating negative emotions.

In the parenting sessions specifically, we will also address dealing with mis-behavior without creating distance between us and our children and without shouting and scaring them into obedience. In the mindful communication seminars, we will focus on how to communicate peacefully and with love even when the communication is very difficult and the gap between the two worlds seems too great.

The ontology of peace is of philosophical and psychological nature and will be discussing Mystical Thought, Mindfulness and many other Transformative Traditions.

We think that making this kind of work available bi-communally and having workshops where people, parents, kids, and teens share and work together on developing these skills would make a profound difference for them and towards bridging the emotional and ontological gap between the two communities. We want to go beyond peace merely as a concept to peace as an experience. Only then, speaking from our own journey of transformation and inner peace, can there be true possibility and a clean space to create unity across Cyprus but also across the world.


  1. Mindful Parenting - July 21st & July 28th  7-10 pm - Natalie

This Webinar will train you in:

a. Dealing with upsets peacefully and effectively. 

b. Consequences and acknowledgment vs. Punishment and Bribing

c. Validating feelings vs. trying to fix their behavior as a way to guide our children peacefully into transforming negative behaviors

   2. Mindfulness for Parents and Kids ages 7-12 - July 22nd & July 29th  4-5:30 pm - Natalie

This will be a fun workshop for parents and kids in which we will introduce you to mindfulness and teach you and your children ways to deal with anger, fear and other difficult emotions.

   3. Mindfulness for Teens - July 22nd & July 29th  6-7:30 pm - Natalie

This will be an engaging workshop for teens - and parents are welcome if teens do not mind - in which we will introduce teens to mindfulness and certain mindfulness practices and we will look at how we tend to take things personally, why, what we can do about it and how this helps us deal with feelings like anger, stress, grief etc.

   4. Self-Awareness Fundamentals - July 23rd & July 30th  6:30 - 8:30 pm - Natalie

This Webinar will train you in:

a. Understanding and transforming anger

b. Dealing with difficult emotions using embodied awareness

c. Transforming negative behaviors.


   5. Transformative Communication: Non-Violent and Compassionate communication - August 18th & 26th 7-10 pm - Bilge

This workshop will train you in the basic skills and concepts of transformative communication. It will introduce and do some exercises in the ABC of Transformative Communication.

   6. Transformative Mindful Communication - August 25th & September 2nd  7-10 pm - Bilge

This course is the advance version of the first. In this workshop we go deeper to uncover the blind spots that block transformative Communication. It also offers some exercises in the art of listening.

   7. Ontology of Peace - September 1st & 8th 6:30-8:30 pm - Bilge

This course will cover the philosophical and psychological background of comparative Mystical Thought, Mindfulness and many other Transformative traditions.


   8. Bringing it all together - Dates pending - Natalie & Bilge

Due to the current circumstances with the pandemic, we cannot commit to a date for our live event, but we will notify you all soon. Everyone who registers for any of the above events will be invited to participate in this event. It will be an opportunity for all of us to meet and for you to ask any questions you might have. This event will be for teens and adults only.

Register now!

To Register simply click here and fill in your name and email and also the name(s) and date(s) of the Workshops you are interested in. We hope to meet you soon!

How does it work?

All you have to do is register for these Webinar workshops above and then we will send you directions on how to set up zoom on your computer, phone or tablet. It takes only two minutes. With zoom set up, we will send you another email with a link to the Webinar and all you have to do is click on it and you will be in our workshop from your home! 

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